John Tavormina

Steve Young

Attorney, Rail Rights Educator

FELA Fighter for the Working Railroader

Handled Thousands of FELA Cases

More than 30 Years Protecting Rights of Railroad Workers

Current Coordinator of the Designated Legal Counsel for the SMART/UTU Transportation Divison

Past President of ARLA (Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys)

At Tavormina & Young, the attorneys have real-world courtroom experience and don't hesitate to take a case to trial when it is in the best interest of the client.

Using the latest technology in computer and video animations, Tavormina & Young allows jury members to visualize how the injury occurred. Used in both the mediation and courtroom venues, these visual aids clearly show the shock and awe of the injury, to maximize damages for those we represent.

At Tavormina & Young, each case is promptly and meticulously prepared for trial. This puts great pressure on the opponents, forcing them to decide whether to enter into a proper settlement or risk a jury verdict.

Everyone at Tavormina & Young take great pride in both the settlements and jury verdicts received over the years.