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FELA Field Guide

What you should know and do in the event you are injured while working on the railroad?

1. REPORT YOUR INJURY immediately to your supervisor and co-workers.

2. SEEK MEDICAL CARE through your own doctors or hospital of your choice, not the railroad’s company doctors or preferred facilities.

Not the railroad’s company doctors or preferred facilities.

3. DO NOT ALLOW the company officer/officers in the examination room with you.

4. NOTIFY your Local Chairman and call Designated Legal Counsel for free advice as soon as possible.

5. COMPLETE THE REQUIRED PERSONAL INJURY REPORT as soon as you are able, the sooner the better.

Remember, this document will become the major piece of a recover claim.

Be truthful and complete, but brief when filling out your injury report.

Accurately describe the work tools, conditions or events that caused your injury.

If any equipment was defective, you need to note this on the personal injury report.

List all witnesses, supervisors, and crew members on your report.

Get a copy of the completed report for your records.

6. Avoid giving a recorded or written statement to a claim agent, get advise before talking to a claims representitive.

7. YOU MUST however, if asked, tell your supervisor or the company officer what happened.

This is allowed to prevent another accident from happening.

8. KEEP RECORDS, write down names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident or knows about the work conditions as soon as medically feasible to avoid forgetting.

9. DO NOT SIGN A MEDICAL RELEASE of information to the railroad without first getting legal advice.


You don’t need to hire an attorney for every injury,

but you should call Designated Legal Counsel immediately following ANY accident

for free advice.